Tommy's Gazette


Place around 1.5 to 2 inches (or 4 to 5 cm) of Tommy’s Gazette™ litter in your cat's litter box.
For best results and comfort, dispose of the soiled bits and solid waste on a daily basis to maintain a clean environment for your cat and yourself.
Do not flush any cat litter down the toilet as this would waste valuable water resources, might clog your waterpipes and burdens the wastewater treatment facilities. You can add fresh, new litter to maintain the right depth. Fully replace the old litter as needed.
If your cat has hitherto been using a different type of cat litter, it might require a gradual change towards this new one. One way to address this issue is to mix the currently used litter brand with Tommy’s Gazette™, gradually decrease the amount of the current litter while increasing the amount of Tommy’s Gazette™.
Tommy's Gazette™ also can be applied to other small animals as bedding or litter