Tommy's Gazette

Tommy's Gazette™ is a cat litter that can also be used as cage bedding for small animals. This litter is less disturbing for the environment than most other ones. Production and packaging are designed to be as neutral to the environment as possible, while the litter itself stems from secondary raw material sources, namely recycled paper. Why are we digging into the earth to produce cat litter that will be discarded after its [one-way] use? Why would we need to export the waste we have been sorting and collecting at home if we can actually find plenty of ways to put it to good use locally?


  • Tommy's Gazette™ emphasises the importance in cat comfort and ecology. It is virtually dust-free and leaves no tracks or marks on the floor.
  • Tommy's Gazette™ is made from recycled paper, helping ease the strain on landfills and reduce the need to extract raw materials from the earth.
  • Tommy's Gazette™ contains no added chemicals or other ingredients, providing an environmentally sound and safe litter for our feline and other friends